Why Polmac Trailers

At Polmac Trailers we pride ourselves on making quality trailers. With over 45  years of experience we’ve seen it and built it before. We’ve made everything from car trailers, to missile trailers, to floating trailers, to you name it trailers.

We’re the trailer manufacturer our competitors send you to when they can’t build it.

Our Trailers come with

12 Month Guarantee

Solid Construction

Australian Made and Manufactured, some imported trailers are available

All New Rims and Tyres

Licensed and ready to roll

Painted or Galvanised

Free 100km check up service

Local repairs and Maintenance available, break it? We’ll fix it

To arrange a quote on your new Custom Built Trailer made right here in Perth, Western Australia call (08) 6143 6343 or swing past at 1 Sainsbury Rd, O’Connor for a no obligation quote.

Email: sales@polmactrailers.com.au

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