Jetski Trailers

Statistics show that people with Jet Ski’s have much more fun on the weekend than everyone else on the planet. Unfortunately having Jet ski’s but no trailer makes people sad.

Solve that issue with a new Jet Ski Trailer or PWC Trailer from Polmac. We can make:

  • Single Jet Ski Trailers
  • Double Jet Ski Trailers (Tandem Jet Ski Trailer)
  • Triple Jet Ski Trailers
  • Quad Jet Ski Trailers (yep, it’s been done.. we did it. yes it was incredible)

Options include:

  • New 12” / 13” / 14” / 15” / 16” Car / Light Truck / Off-road Rims & Tires
  • Hot Dip Galvanization
  • Single axle or Tandem Axle
  • Spare Rim and Tire
  • Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel
  • Standard Hitch / Heavy Duty Hitch / Ring Hitch
  • Electric Brakes / Override Mechanical Brakes / No Brakes!
  • Custom Paint to match your car or Jet Ski

Stocked with all the usual trimmings:

  • High Visibility LED light kit
  • Swivel Jockey Wheel

To arrange a quote on your new Custom Jet Ski Trailer or PWC Trailer built right here in Perth, Western Australia call (08) 9470 9449 or swing past 1 Naylor Street, Beaconsfield WA for a no obligation quote.

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