BBQ Trailers

POLMAC BBQ Trailer, Just in time for summer!

Fundraising, Sporting Clubs, Unions, Awareness campaigns, and people with lots and lots of friends you need a BBQ trailer.

Get your orders in quick as the production line is filling up with more beautiful weather on the way.

This unit fresh of the production line is built the only way a BBQ trailer should be.. right here in Western Australia. You see we like things to last, so when we build them you know it will work for a lifetime.

This BBQ trailer comes rolling in on a 7 x 5 single axle covered in trailer with 3 lift up doors and gas stays. Shade and a place to cook!

The BBQ is mounted on a swing out arm to clear for smoke and give more room inside for storage and setup. The inside bench is an Aluminium preparation area with storage built in underneath.

For extra gas there is a bottle storage area on the draw bar and the unit comes in your choice of colours. This one has been done up in Arctic White ready for the sign-writing guys to sticker bomb it.

Coming with the usual trimmings fitting of a Polmac Trailer High Visibility LED lights, Swivel Jockey Wheel, and new rims and tyres this BBQ Trailer is ready to go.

Being a ready to go business this trailer will turn over cash-flow from day one and easily pay itself off in no time.

To arrange a quote on your new BBQ Trailer built right here in Perth, Western Australia call (08) 9470 9449 or swing past 1 Naylor Street, Beaconsfield WA for a no obligation quote.