Not only is that a mouthful, this is a trailer full.

Running 5 stud Landcruiser Rims and Tyres, a big set of barn doors on the rear, and a full checker plate floor this trailer has been built to take a beating.

If you need a car carrier trailer, a race car trailer, machinery trailer, or all round lugging big things trailer then something like this is for you.

Save yourself some trouble and call us on (08) 970 9449 for a free quote on your trailer.

This beauty comes spec’d with:

  • Heavy Duty Trailer Base
  • RHS Chassis And Drawbar
  • Checker Plate Floor
  • 5 stud Landcruiser Rims And Tyres
  • 5 Stud Landcruiser Hubs
  • Heavy Duty Swivel Jockey Wheel
  • 2 Spare Wheel Holder Brackets
  • Hyland Hitch
  • Jack-Tilt Bed
  • RHS Frame On Trailer
  • 1800mm High Mesh Cage
  • Barn Doors On Rear
  • 50mm50mm Mesh Panels
  • High Visibility L.E.D Lights
  • Painted Gun Metal Grey
  • 6 Months License

If you need a Car Trailer, Caged Trailer, or Transport Trailer built right here in Perth, Western Australia call (08) 9470 9449or swing past 8 Downing St Carlisle WA for a no obligation quote.

Need a tender for multiple units? email with the docs and we’ll get right back to you.

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