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This custom unit is one in a series we are building for a valued client. These units come with:

  • 8*5 Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Box Trailer With Glass Rack
  • Internal RHS Frame With Container Locks To Support Glass Rack
  • Heavy Duty Roller Rocker Suspension And Axles To Carry 3000kg Agg
  • New 16 Inch Light Truck Tyres And Rims To take heavy loads
  • 4 Wheel Electric Brakes To Support 3000kg Agg
  • Extra Heavy Duty Swivel Jockey Wheel
  • Glass Rack Made To Suit Trailer As Well As Be Able To Lifted Out And Moved Around With Forklift
  • High visibility L.E.D Lights
  • Painted In Protec 304 Hi-Op White Enamel

With the ability to use the fork to load and unload turnaround times drop and product to site increases.

If you need a Glass Trailer, Glazier Trailer, Window Trailer or a Custom Trailer for your business (and after seeing this… you probably do) drop us a line on (08) 9470 9449 or swing past 8 Downing St Carlisle WA for a no obligation quote.

Need a tender for multiple units? email Sales@PolmacTrailers.com with the docs and we’ll get right back to you.

Alternatively check out the range at www.PolmacTrailers.com.au

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